(CapEx vs. OpEx)

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Capital Expense vs. Operating Expense
(CapEx vs. OpEx)

Traditionally, when purchasing a major technology systems or performing a hardware/software upgrade to an existing system, it is common to for businesses to spend $100,000 or more up front to purchase necessary hardware, software licenses and all the implementation and training costs that come with such a costly enterprise investment.  A number of factors – financial, technological and service based – are causing this approach to technology procurement to be reexamined.


More with Less

Today, businesses can upgrade/replace their IT systems without jeopardizing the company’s future on such a large Capital Expenditure by considering moving business hardware and software applications to RaeTech’s HaaS Program. By using OpEx to budget expenses monthly, you never have to worry about updating hardware, upgrading software licenses or yearly maintenance. CFO’s clearly recognize this as a much more effective approach in moving business forward without the intense pressure that comes with using CapEx to upgrade business infrastructure .  It becomes a win-win as businesses focus on streamlining operations, driving growth and moving forward without breaking the bank in an uncertain economy.

RaeTech’s Hardware as a Service (or “HaaS”) program can help CFO’s and CIO’s realize financial (and technology) gains by shifting their Capital Expenditures (CapEx) to Operating Expenditures (OpEx) which is based on monthly fixed fees.  HaaS is similar to a lease but RaeTech is responsible for all maintenance, remote management and monitoring and for the hardware.  So you can focus more on your core business rather than your IT infrastructure.

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