Hardware as a Service

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RaeTech-Hardware-as-a-ServicesTired of the cost and headaches to purchase, deploy, maintain and upgrade hardware?

Change your business by growing your business with IT Simplified from RaeTech. Technology solutions that make sense for your business are available without the challenges of designing, purchasing, deploying, and maintaining your required technology hardware. RaeTech offers a complete set of services designed to maximize your return on technology. With our acquisition programs, you can minimize the spend you make on your IT investment and eliminate most of the IT frustration businesses have to deal with. Eliminate the IT headaches by leaving the hardware and technology to us.

We make it easier to manage costs and roll out the technology you need today. If you’re tired of waiting until cash is available to buy technology, we can help you do it quickly without adverse financial consequences. Now capital conservation with our HaaS (Hardware as a Service), makes sure all you money isn’t tied up in equipment and other related expenses. Now you’ll have more cash available for personnel, staff training and special projects. Let us show you how to optimize all your technology investments to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Learn more about Capital Expenses vs. Operating Expense (CapEx vs. OpEx)

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